About Dave

I bring over 18 years of lighting background and experiences to my craft and profession.

Lighting design is incredibly exciting and challenging as it allows me to utilize both sides of my thought processes as lighting design is comprised of both technical and aesthetic aspects. Both of these aspects need to not only be met, but exist in harmony for any space to reach its full potential. I also work with the understanding of that. My lighting design also takes into account that lighting effects us psychologically by impacting mood and overall feeling, and physiologically as well by impacting our bodies and how we function.

My challenge and passion is to fully integrate the lighting in any environment and space. I do this by exploring and getting to know that environment and how it is intended to be used and by my studying the architecture, the design, the use of the space, and its occupants. Often times it is a series of discussions and exploratory conversations in order for me to understand the environments design, both realized and implied, and with the end users of the space to understand their intended wants and desires of the space

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Areas of Expertise

Light and the aging eye
This was a wonderful education as to how our eyes age and how they react to light and what they require to perform the same tasks and perceive their surroundings.
Lighting for the aging baby boomer
This was an extension of the above seminar and expanded on the importance and application of understanding light for the aging eye.
Emerging technologies and their applications
An immersion in implications, both concerns and possibilities , utilizing newer technologies.
Reading, understanding, and interpreting blueprints
A great overview of understanding plans in order to work with clients and architects
Lamp ( bulb) technologies and their application and results
Lighting Design techniques and applications
Lighting of artwork
Lighting controls involving dimmers, room systems, and whole house systems
Lighting Design Plans, Drafting, and presentations